Across the globe, more and more businesses rely in some way on the internet. Today, most businesses make profit through the income they make in the online environment. Despite this fact, there are plenty of businesses that put in jeopardy this income of theirs, by not going with the most adequate hosting plan for their online business. Thus, there are numerous corporations that use shared hosting plans to save on their expenses. Shared hosting is cheap, indeed, but not suitable for such business entities.

In fact, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is what many businesses actually require. Businesses that have experienced significant growth in the last couple of years should consider improving their business hosting and advancing to a superior level. VPS hosting is very much different from dedicated hosting, which is something entirely else and a lot more expensive too.

In the case of dedicated hosting, business entities will host their site on a server dedicated entirely to their corporation. No hosting aspects whatsoever will be shared with other companies or individuals. This hosting presents numerous benefits, but disadvantages as well. Keep in mind that a server dedicated entirely to a single company is quite expensive. Dedicated hosting requires the allocation of hundreds and hundreds of dollars each and every month.

One of the main differences between VPS and dedicated hosting is most certainly the price. The main advantage of VPS is that the company will receive most of the benefits associated with dedicated hosting at much lower costs. VPS users have their own disc space and ram space at their disposal.

Major differences can be easily noticed when compared for instance with shared hosting.  Users for instance, have customized server level access, feature that is not available with a shared hosting package. Furthermore, users are provided with such server software as OS and cPanel. All these added features allow further customization, which is critical when the company wants to modify and promote a website.

VPS has indeed higher costs than shared hosting, but this type of hosting provides customers a number of great benefits that generously compensate the price difference between them. Although the included features are almost priceless, the actual price modification is a rather small one. Still, it is quite difficult to put an actual price tag on a hosting plan as every single VPS hosting provider has different prices, which will again suffer changes based on the number of included features. However, a company interested in VPS hosting should be prepared to pay at least $40 per monthly.

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