Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes to choose in 2014

It is always a challenge for me to find a good wordpress theme for myself or for a client. It is more challenging to work on a website that already have theme and the client wants to keep it, just need “small” modifications to it. If it is a complex theme, the modifications will take more time than you would develop something from scratch. Not in all cases, but it happened to me few times that the theme I had to change was so badly coded, so I made a new one for the client.

Anyways, I have spent some time to find the best wordpress themes and I made a list of top 10 with my favorites designs and frameworks. Hope you like them as well and it will make your life easier.

#3 – WP Explorer

A great place to find both premium and free themes for all your wordpress project. I like this wordpress theme provider because their themes are very well coded and easy to modify, which is very important if you are trying to build a custom website. Beside the great designs you can also find some very nice icons and wordpress plugins to make your website even more fancy.


#2 – ThemeForest

Personally I like this website, because there are so many themes to choose from. ThemeForest is basically a community of designers and developers who create custom themes for different platforms and sell it for profit. Most of the themes are very well coded and designed but there are some that don’t worth buying. Always check for reviews before you buy and try to choose a design that includes documentation and support.


#1 – ElegantThemes

And finally my favorite theme developer is the ElegantThemes team. They have over 80 themes and constantly developing new designs every month. Here basically for the price of one theme you can get access to all of them. These are really professional high quality designs that can compete with any custom made wordpress website. They do also offer video documentation and tutorials with the purchase.


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