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What to consider when choosing a web hosting company?

With so many options available on the hosting market, the customer can have a really tough time to find a good hosting company that offers the lowest price and a good value. We recommend you to take in consideration the following aspects when you choose a hosting service provider:

web hosting reviews

Features & Value

You should not pay a fortune to get a good web hosting service. Find which hosting firm can provide you with the features you need at the lowest cost.

Reliability & Uptime

Your website is down again? You are losing customers! Get a reliable host now!

Easy to Use

The setup of the account and upload or transfer of your site should be easy, even for a ten years old child.

Customer Support

It is important to get the right support when you need it. 24-7 support availability is a must need!

User's Feedback

What other customers are saying about the company you are going to choose? Is it good or bad?

What are the different hosting types?

Shared Hosting: is the most common type of hosting that is used by majority of the webmasters. The concept of this hosting plan is to offer an inexpensive service. Basically as the name already suggest, with this type of account you are sharing a server with several other customers. The downside of this type is that the performance of your sites can be compromised by the activity of other webmasters that shares the server with you. For small sites shared hosting is just perfect, but if you have bigger website, with hundreds of daily visitor, you should go with a VPS.

Virtual Private Hosting (VPS): the next step in terms of website-hosting. This type is similar to shared hosting; you will share a server with only few other customers, but the performance of your server will not be compromised by the activity of others. The price of a virtual server can vary $20- $200 a month, depends on the specs you choose for your server. This type of hosting is ideal for medium traffic websites, forums, community pages, basically can handle couple thousands of visitors daily.

Dedicated Servers: if the virtual hosting is not enough, here comes in action the dedicated hosting. In this case you actually rent the whole server and have full access to all server resources. You can choose or install the operation system, configure the server for your needs. You won't share it with others, unless you are renting a part of it to your own customers. A dedicated server can be used from websites to software hosting for anything you can imagine.

Reseller Hosting: this type of hosting is widely used among small web hosting and web design companies. The concept is to reseller web hosting to your own customers under your brand and company. It is similar to VPS, but it is specially designed for reselling.

UK Web Hosting: his type of web hosting might is best for website owner who are operating their business in the United Kingdom or most of their website traffic is coming from the UK. By using a UK hosting company, your website will load faster for your visitors.

The following video is a good explanation of the different hosting types.